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SPL and how to Boom

SPL stands for sound preasure level.
This means how many decibel can the stereo produce.
Sounds above 120 dB acn seriously damage your ears.
A lifting Concorde airplane produce 140 dB,
The world record spl is at this moment about 172,3 dB!!!! Very popular now is "dB drag racing".Two cars are standing next to each other. Between the cars are two pillars with light on them. The tric is to make a much lights burn as possible. The one with the less lights leave, the other stays,and a new car is coming. A picture of this is a the bottum of this page.

How to Boom?
Go to the nearest car-hifi shop, buy a few woofers(no Yoko, altai..),
a bass CD and a couple of this in your car, put the cd into your cd player, and put in some ear protection!!!!!!!!!.
And now..... put the volume button at the max.....and press the play button, and........


dB drag racedB Drag race