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Boom/Ice car pages

Warning! The folowing pages contains extreme car-hifi, watch at your own risk.
This is the first(?) extreme car-hifi site.You thought your stereo was loud?Than check this out
If you have any commentary or commentor, please click on the mailbox to E-mail me. I'm a 19 year old boy from the Netherlands.These are my first pages wich i ever build. You may use every image of these pages.If you use a picture of my pages for your own one, please send me an E-mail with your URL so i can take a look at it.
If you have a boomcar yourself please E-mail me pictures of it so i can put them on the pages (Don't forget technical data!) The pages will be regular updated.

Last update 20-03-1999
These pages are made by R. Immikhuizen