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The Boomcars

This page contains pictures of boomcars.
By these pictures you can find more information about the carsuch as:
-Maximum SPL
-Total R.M.S. power
-used stufff
and more like that.
The pages will be regular updated with new cars.

This Ford Van with a 6.0 liter engine, contains 16x 15 inch subwoofers from MTX The woofers are all playing in one box of 600 liter. It has 21 ampifiers and 8 batteries on board. The maximum power is 5120 watt RMS for the subwoofers only. It is build by Mike Schomische, the head installer of MTX USA. The maximum SPL is about 150 dB. The car is build for fun and not for competitions.

Eartquake Eartquake
This used to be an Dodgr Ran van, but is now a typical boomcar. In this are 24x 12 inch responsible for an "Earthquake". These woofers are connected to three(!) huge ampifiers with a total capacity of 3600 watt RMS. The power is coming from three 100 ampere batteries. The results are 147.8 dB and a damage to your ears. Unfortunately this car doesn't excist anymore.

Escort Escort
Escort Escort
How low can you go? This Ford Escort Van contains 2 huge 18 inch and 4 "smaller" 15 inch woofers of Cerwin-Vega. Each woofer in connected to his own Phoenix gold MS-2125 amplifier. In the car are 13 ampifiers responsable for a total power of 3900 watt RMS. Each door contains 4 mid/bass speakers and 4 tweeters of ESB. The power supply is coming from two Optima batteries. You can find 32 speakers in this moving discotheque. The maximum SPL is 153 dB, This means waving trouser-legs, hair and pullinggastric acid. ( any volunteers for a demonstration?)The total cost are $38000.

Lanzar Lanzar
Lanzar This Lanzar GMC Van is build by Lanzar USA.Special about the car is the airbrushon it. You can find in the car 8x 15 inch woofers and a lot of red leather. This all is filled up with red and bleu neon.The car isn't build for SPL but for restoring ultra low frequenties of about 25 hertz. The 11 amplifiers and 25 speakers are responsible for a heart attack. So, coins on the roof and bounce around.